Anthony Smith Defensive End


The Los Angeles County ordered Anthony Smith defensive end who played for about eight years during the 90s for the NFL, to stand trial for four murders. The killings happened during the subsequent nine years in which he became a former player of the Oakland and Los Angeles Raiders teams. This means that the killings he is going to trial for happened when his career as a football player ended. In fact, it is supposed that during this period, Anthony Smith terrorized other quarterbacks and applied real violence to them. The judge, Lisa Chung, ruled that he must present to court due to the fact that there is sufficient evidence towards him to start the trial.

In fact, Anthony Smith had already been on trial for the charges for the death of Maurilio Ponce, a mechanic who was beaten up to death, then shot and abandoned at a Southern California highway in 2008. Prosecutors claimed this murder to be due to unsolved business issues.Then, on April, Smith was charged with the other murders. The very famous and well-known football player must face trial now. This is not the first time that a football player must face a trial for murder. 

Brother Jimmys White Plains


Brother Jimmy’s is one of the most popular slow smoking barbeque restaurants in the US. The restaurant has recently celebrated 25 years in North Carolina. The slogan of the restaurant is Put Some South in Yo Mouth and the main objective along this 25 years was to bring delicious foods and hospitality to the Northeast. The project slowly expanded and there are franchises in a great part of the United States.

One of the most recent openings was brother Jimmys White plains restaurant where you can find delicious slow smoking barbeque dishes and southern specialties to have brunch, lunch or dinner. As the brand expanded, you can buy t shirts, hoodies, hats and condiments as well as gift baskets and gift cards. It is also became a great place to spend the night with fries and collegues.

Inn White Plains you can get chicken fingers, BBQ wings, loaded fries, smoking chili, humongous, popcorn shrimp, northern style ribs tips and nachos as starters. Among the Southern Favs you will find Country Catfish, Nashville Hot Chicken, Grilled Cab Strip Steak, among others. Platter include Northern Style Ribs, Baby back ribs, Carolina pulled pork, pulled chicken, BBQ combo and other platters. You can also find delicious sandwiches, hamburgers, sides, salads and desserts.

Yoga Positions For Beginners


Yoga Burn ReviewYoga Burn is what you need to completely change your life in the most positive way. Most of us are aware of common benefits that practicing yoga delivers like flexibility, body transformation, tightening the muscles, losing weight, better circulation and immune system, a great metabolism and so on. But if you asked me a few months ago, I would have said that it was all a lie. I tried different yoga classes and nothing happened to me, so when I heard about yoga burn including Yoga Positions For Beginners I thought it was maybe worth it. Thanks to Zoey Bray-Cotton, the author and instructor of this whole program, I learned that everything I have been doing before was wrong, basically due to lack of progression in generic yoga classes. And it is totally truth, if something is not working out as you believed it would have, you need to let go and try something new.

I followed this 8 week program from the comfort of my home and results were incredibly great. Let me tell you I was totally amazed. Position increase their intensity progressively according to the different phases in which the program is divided, so anyone can follow it. This is your chance to flatten your belly and tighten your booty naturally creating healthy habits and stimulating your circulation. Your skin will look radiant and you will look absolutely younger too. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and 2 bonuses, try yoga burn for free now!

Pregnancy Approach Review – Honest Experience


Pregnancy Approach Review

This Pregnancy Approach Review is the only real experience you will ever find about this product. If you are trying to, unsuccessfully getting pregnant, let me tell you that I know it is a delicate matter and that I take this issue very seriously. Why? Because I have been there too and I know what you are going through. The anger, the tears, the giving up thoughts. This program was really helpful to me, it did not only help me to get pregnant, and it taught me a lot about my own body. The whole process was very encouraging and inspirational. When trying to conceive virtually became a nightmare, this book made it an enjoyable experience. I strongly recommend the use of this product, you will find the author’s experience and a lot of techniques to maximize your chances. Read this whole Lauren Lee Pregnancy Approach Review and find out what it is about!

It is a program focused on fertility. It contains step by step techniques that will help you to be able to get pregnant in only the first 8 weeks of use. It teaches you common misconceptions about this issues and a lot of proven techniques and advises that helped the author to get pregnant in two months. It also includes the ultimate technique to increase the speed of sperm and to make your uterus a happy home. You will prepare your body to conceive. It includes 4 bonuses and a 60 days guarantee. Order it now, this is a decision you will never regret!

Epic Soccer Training, the guide you were waiting for


Epic Soccer Trainer ReviewThis guide was designed by Matt Smith, who happens to be a former professional Adidas All American soccer player. He wanted to develop a complete soccer guide for people of all ages, regardless gender and experience. With his help, you will finally be able to improve your soccer skills and play soccer like a professional player. It is supported by a full refund policy, so there are not finantial risks involved, you cannot miss the opportunity to be trained by a former professional soccer player with a great reputation around the world. Read this complete Epic Soccer Training Review to find out more!

This program is totally well organized. All the techniques and tricks you will find in Epic Soccer Training are very simple and you can practice them individually at the comfort of your home, so there is no need of team meeting to practice. This program is also very interactive as you will find 4 modules with videos where Matt himself will show you how to train properly. There are not similar products offering you all these features, yet there is more, you will get free aces to other program of the same author and it also comes with a 60 days guarantee supporting this incredible product. So, my recommendation to you is that if you really want to play like a professional, the best choice for you is learn from a professional. Do not waste your time and order it right away!

The Best Way to Be in Shape: Pound Melter Program


I know you are tired of being called fat, I know it is awful to spend large hours at the gym and not being able to lose those disgusting extra kilos you have, I know how depressing it is, I know it all.

I have been through the same thing, and let me tell you something, Pound Melter Program saved me!

Want to know more about it?

It is an online informative guide. It was written on the basis of a research which proved that human beings have dark fat cells apart from white ones, and that those dark cells can be activated by lowering the temperature of the body, and that when active they melt pounds.

The point is how to cool the body, don’t worry; you don’t have to put yourself into the fridge. There are some vegetables and fruit like watermelon, for instance, which have the ability of lowering the temperature of the body.

So what Pound Melter does is basically give you a list of all those vegetables and fruits that can help you cool your body and as a result help you melt extra kilos.

As you see, it is an easy-to-follow program and anyone can put it into practice.

And there is one more positive aspect! The product is not expensive, it costs fifty dollars and it offers a money refund for those who are not satisfied with it.

So there is nothing to risk with Pound Melter! Why don’t you give it a chance today? The decision to lose weight now is in your hands, be wise!


Be Slim Again with Kou Tea


Have you read other Kou Tea Reviews? Are you still fighting against those extra pounds? Then read this review and decide to buy Kou Tea because it is the best way to lose those awful pounds you can’t eliminate!

Kou Tea was created to help you and me, and any other who want to eliminate fat and do not know why, do it in a natural and fast way!


By just drinking two cups of tea every day, in the morning and in the afternoon, nothing more than that!

What makes Kou Tea so special?

The fact that it is a mixture of the best Chinese teas: green, white, oolong, and pu-erh.

This fantastic mix will help you lose at least eight pound in six weeks and it will also help you get rid of toxins, bad cholesterol, and improve your energy and metabolism.

Another great positive aspect about Kou Tea is that it has a great flavor, so you will enjoy each tea time! And at the same time you will be losing weight! Amazing, isn’t it?

Kou Tea offers customer support, and if you buy it through the official site a box of sixty bad will cost only 22.77 pounds, which is nothing if you think about all the positive things it offers.

So know that you have read this review you know all the positive aspects Kou Tea has.

Don’t be a fool, try it today and change your life forever. Losing is really easy now. Order Kou Tea today!


Have the best Muscles with this Ben Pakulski´s MI40 Program Review


If you have been going to the gym for ages and you still don’t have the muscles you want, please read the following Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Review.

A brief description of MI40:

The product was created by Ben Pakulski, a professional fitness coach and body builder, and it includes the best exercises for gaining muscles.

The idea of the program is that it is possible to double your muscles in half the time, that is, in a shorter time than with other products.

Ben designed the product on the basis of his experience and what he has done throughout his life so MI40 is a guarantee.

The program comes with workout programs that can be done in 40 days, a nutritional guide and some videos where Ben explains how to do the exercises.

The bad thing of MI40 is that if you want it to be really effective you must accompany the exercises with a strict diet and some supplements that you have to buy and which are not included in the price of MI40. But apart from that, the course is incredible.

Something you must know before buying it is that Ben created the program for people with some experience in working out, and for those who want to make an effort and devote to the program.  So it is not for anyone.

But if you consider yourself a sporty man or woman and if you know you will commit to MI40, you should not think it twice! Ben’s program is definitely for you and it will help you get those toned muscles you have always wanted!cent



What about Automatic Sexual Chemistry?


Automatic Sexual Chemistry 1

Young attractive happy amorous couple in bedroom

You may wonder why some men can seduce any woman they want and some others just can’t conquer even one. Life is not fair sometimes. But, fortunately, there some experts out there creating products for those like you and me who are flat-out losers when it comes to love.

You don’t believe me? Well have a look at this Automatic Sexual Chemistry Review and then tell me!

Info about Automatic Sexual Chemistry

It is a program thought and designed by the expert Dean Cortez. It is tailored to solve the problem of men who, no matter the money they invest, the dates they have, the presents they give, can’t seduce women and be intimate with them.

This may seem to be just a load of mumbo jumbo but it is not! It has been proven. I have tested it and it works! And it is based on 6 simple and specific points that will change for good the way you approach women.

You will learn to lose the fear you feel when you see a girl you like, you will know which are the best ways to break the ice in the first date, you will learn how to make a woman feel relaxed with you, and how to build rapport. And, most importantly, Automatic Sexual Chemistry will teach you how to make a girl so comfortable with you that she won’t even doubt about having sex with you.

Awesome, isn’t it? Do you need more information?  Download Automatic Sexual Chemistry now! It won’t disappoint you!

Important Diabetes Deactivated Review


Stop-Diabetes-CroppedDiabetes can affect men and women and the regular treatment is based on pills or insulin injections -these can be uncomfortable and in some cases painful- The only way people, who suffer from diabetes, know how to deal with it is by treating the disease but not curing it, there is no cure for diabetes….. until now!

There’s a new and natural way to CURE this deasease and stop depending on medication, doctors and horrible needles! This new way is a method called: Diabetes Deactivated.

The name of the method already speaks for itself: it’s a way to deactivate diabetes and have your body produce and regulate insulin and blood sugar levels.

Download Diabetes Deactivated

In order to use this method, a person needs to download this method on their computers or any device that works with internet service. Is important to mention that if a person doen’t like to use computers or devices which work with internet, this method may not be th right one.

After downloading it, the user will find out that this system is very affordable and it almost pays for itself! It is also good to know that in case a user is not fully satisfied with the system, there’s a 60-day guarantee policy to get a full money refund.

This system works changing the user’s eating habits in order to have a normal insulin production, and to control blood sugar levels. Is possible to choose from 20 different types of food, but COMMITMENT to change the daily food intake is essential.

After the method starts being used, results will take some time to show this is way is important to be patient and follow the diet!